Q: How many mitts do I get when I purchase a pack of AquaCare™ Cleaning Mitts?

A: Four AquaCare™ Cleaning Mitts come chemically pre-treated in a package of AquaCare™ Cleaning Mitts.

Q: How frequently should I use AquaCare™ Cleaning Mitts for my pool/spa? Can I reuse them?

A: Regular cleaning once to three times a month will help reduce the chance of a scum line appearing. AquaCare™ Cleaning Mitts are recommended to be used only once and disposed of after.

Q: Will the chemical used on AquaCare™ Cleaning Mitts affect the pH of my pool or spa?

A: Hot tub/spa, Jacuzzi, and pool water chemistry is already designed to resist drastic changes in pH. AquaCare™ Cleaning Mitts will not affect the balanced water chemistry of your pool or spa.

Q: Can I use AquaCare™ Cleaning Mitts with salt water systems?

A: Absolutely. The chemical cleaning agent used in AquaCare™ Cleaning Mitts is compatible with salt water systems, hybrid chlorine systems (Soft swim, Silk Balance, etc.), bromine systems and traditional chlorine systems.

Q: Is it okay to use my AquaCare™ Cleaning Mitt on my hot tub or spa cover where scum appears?

A: Yes, AquaCare™ Cleaning Mitts can be used on surfaces that contain scum, stain and scale. Surfaces to avoid contact with AquaCare™ Cleaning Mitts include natural stones, copper brass, and galvanized surfaces.